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 Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting in Texas!

We love to duck hunt and Texas has plenty of it.  A  majority of the hunting we do is on Lake Ray Roberts because it is so close to the house; just a 30-45 minute drive.

Ray Roberts was built by the Core of Engineers around 15 years ago and is a public hunting lake.  A public hunting permit, or Type 2, license is required to hunt the lake.  Hunting is permitted from 30 minutes before sunrise to noon.  No evening hunting is allowed. 

There are many spots where hunting can by done by walking in, but the easier the access the more likely you'll find company when you get there.  For the real hot spots and hard to reach places, a boat is a must.  The absolute best locations require a GPS to navigate due to the large amount of timber in the lake.

A map of Ray Roberts -


Satellite image of Ray Roberts -




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